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► Pete and Meister Visit Henry Street Horrors

► Les Scores Kramer Guitar Endoresement

► Stinkditch Co-Hosts October Chopping Block

► More Hot Chicks in Brutality Report XXX This Week

So what in my brutal CD player this week?



1.  Low Twelve - Splatter Pattern rough mixes (so far - kicking total ass)
2.  Cannibal Corpse - Kill (need I say more?)
3.  Kreator - Live Kreation (killer . . . just fucking killer)

So good to see you back in brutality once again my friends . . . it's been a crazy couple of weeks here in the Low Twelve Command Center and you have A LOT to catch up on!  I've been busting ass and slaying poser ass for fun and as you know, I had to miss out doing the report last weekend due to all the mixing that I was working on and also that we had to practice on Sunday in order to get ready for the upcoming three shows we have booked for 2009.

In addition to all that, I had Stinkditch come by and co-host the October edition of the Heavycore Chopping Block Show and it was a blast.  You'll be able to check out the entire 60 minute ball slapping as we talked a lot about the kick ass Hallowfest V show coming up on Halloween later this month.  We spin most of the bands playing the Hallowfest, so you can check it out and make the decision to come and check out the great two stage set up and 10 great bands for only $5.  What a deal.  In addition, Les Aldridge scores an endorsement from Kramer Guitars!  Check out the new Kramertorium guitar they sent him last week - black and ready to destroy!  You'll see the pics and learn more about how wicked it sounds with stock EMG pick ups.  All that plus Mike "Sexy Bearded Handy Man" Stoltz came by to do some voice overs for the upcoming "Splatter Pattern" CD, Wes is ready to track drums next Sunday at the V-12 with Nathan Kurtz, Meister gearing up to get his stuff over here to Nasty Studios to do more guitar for the final four songs, and of course the usual parade of honeys in the Brutality Report XXX and one gruesome (I mean fucking gruesome) Skank of the Week.  How can you resist that one?

So you metal heads out there . . . dig in and get ready for one hell of an abusive beating.  The rest of you pussies just shut down the computer, because if you can't take this week - then you're just not brutal enough for our company.  So fuck off and die bitches!

Now get on with it.


The Heavycore Chopping Block Show

spinning only the most brutal metal on the planet every month
60-minutes of sack-shredding mayhem


Stinkditch members Kruztea and Josh came by to co-host the Chopping Block Show for October.  Drummer James couldn't make it due to some last minute issues . . . but we had a blast just the same.  I enjoy hanging out with those guys and it was just a good time - listening to some hard metal and catching up.  We talked a lot about the killer show coming up on Sat 10/31 in Rossville Illinois - Hallowfest V.  Low Twelve will be hitting the main stage along with 9 other killer bands on the bill.  So hear about that, listen to several of the bands and much more.

We also played some cuts from the new Suffocation CD as well as other killer bands like Decapitated, Mercyful Fate, Cannibal Corpse, and a CD that came in from the Heavycore band Under Eden.  It's one hell of a poser bashing to check out this show.

Check out the playlist and then click on the links below to hear the streaming mp3 format - and turn up your fucking speakers or die!

Part 1
Cannibal Corpse - Priests of Sodom
Suffocation - Blood Oath
Stinkditch - Interview Part 1/El Camino
Ocularis - FUBAR
Zeroshift - The Walking Dead
Blessed with Pain - Satan's Playground

Part 2
Decapitated - Mother War
Mercyful Fate - Welcome Princess of Hell
Stinkditch - Interview Part 2
Low Twelve - Kill Everything
Fallen Oath - Inner War
Under Eden - Future Devourer
Stinkditch - NVS
Seminary - Beau Jangles (live)

Listen to the NEW Heavycore Chopping Block:   part 1 (mp3)    part 2 (mp3)

Check out a couple pics below of us doing the show late in September.

Josh and Kruztea of Stinkditch - in Nasty Studios for the October 2009 Chopping Block Show

me doing the show along with Stinkditch


Les Aldridge with the new Kramertorium guitar from Kramer!

Les got the word late in September that he had scored a guitar endorsement from Kramer guitars!  Nice!  Since Les was obviously a metal guitar player . . . and not some emo puke - they suggested to him the brand new model that they launched at the NAM show this year - the "Kramertorium"!  Of course it comes in black - which Les thought was cool since he's been playing the Kramer "Baretta" for many years and a while back painted it in harlequin paint that changes in the light.  So now he's sporting this all black axe of death . . . and with it comes the patented Les Aldridge tone to make posers shiver.  Wait until you hear this fucker!

Les is not currently listed on their website, but we are putting together some stuff for them - so stay tuned!  Also - you won't even see this new guitar on their main website since it's just out.  But check out pics of this beast and if you want to ask Les any questions about it from the technical side - please email him at - because I'm just a dumb ass bass palyer.  Ha.

Hell yeah to Les for scoring the endorsement.  I've had a Peavey endorsement for years and we'll be working on getting more of them for Wes and Meister.  Some guitar/bass strings would be nice . . . and maybe some drum sticks/heads for Wes.  So keep an eye out as the companies can see that musicians playing for 10-plus years have the longevity and professionalism that they like to see.

Check out the Kramer website for more on their products.


Les showing off the back of the neck - wicked!

check out the kick ass body style . . . we especially love the EMG pick ups!



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Mike "Sexy Bearded Handy Man" Stoltz in Nasty Studios this past week

We wanted to have Mike "Sexy Bearded Handy Man" Stoltz come over to do some voice overs for the new "Splatter Pattern" CD from Low Twelve.  Mike did some for the "This Side Toward Enemy" CD and really did a fantastic job with it.  He's got a great voice for that sort of thing, and since I was doing a couple other things, we thought it would be cool to have him do it and not have it all sound like me.  I can do some things with pitchshifters to change the sound of a voice, which I did quite a bit on with the last CD "This Side Toward Enemy".  But many of those voices were distant and meant to sound more demonic at times - so it sounded cool.  But for what we're doing with the new CD, it didn't work out like I hoped.  My daughter Katie is going to do a voice sometime soon, for a nurse in the song "Hand of the Dying". 

So Mike did some voices for a reporter in the song "A Hero's Last Stand" and we're going to give them a good listen compared to what I did - so we can see how best to utilize what we have.  I might even consider using someone else too, and then layering the reporters - to give it more of the feel of chaos that was really going on during the attacks of 9/11/01.

He also did something for me that I came up with only the day before - for the song "Not Forgotten".  So far it's working out well, and I'm anxious to get a working mix for the band so they can check it out.  He's reading a "letter to Mom" as if he's on the battlefield . . . but the cool thing about it is that the song deals with World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the desert wars.  So the letter changes as he goes in time - you'll just have to hear it for yourself with the music to hear what I'm talking about.  Right now - we're not sure if we're using it or not, but I wanted to give it a try.

Slowly but surely "Splatter Pattern" continues to move forward.



We have been moving now at breakneck speed with the new CD.  Things are really coming together!  Next Sunday October 11th, Wes will be doing final drums for the first 8 songs in the old practice spot - the V-12 Concussion Chamber.  Then he'll be busting ass mixing them down and getting them to me so we can add them to the other final tracks and finally get a true idea of how very brutal "Splatter Pattern" will be!  With only the rough drums it sounds bad ass - but with the real drums - it's just going to slay.  It's as simple as that.

Meister will be coming over late this week and next weekend, to record his guitars for the last four songs.  We had to break it up like this, because we had not written the last couple songs when we started recording, so breaking it up like this was really the only way to do it - and avoid more delays in recording.  Plus Dan leaving and Les coming back was an added thing that held up the process . . . but it's worked out just fine.  Les will come in after Meister is done and somewhere in the middle of all that will be me laying down bass and vocals for the last four songs.  All this while Wes mixes down his drums, and then records the final four.  Now - do you got it?  Whew - I'm tired just writing this all down for you!

Maybe now you can understand just what goes into putting a CD together yourself.  It's a lot of work!  Especially when your songs deal with historic events and that sort of thing, where we're doing voice overs and all that sort of thing to make them sound more realistic and interesting. 

I also realize that once this is done and ready to release . . . I then have the task of putting out videos for the songs and then we plan on releasing a DVD with the videos and some great behind-the-scenes of the "Splatter Pattern" recordings.  So needless to say - I better get my ass back to work!

Meister and Les at practice Friday night

Wes working the laptop - listening to some new drum recordings



Meister in one of many great "bloody" rooms at Henry Street Horrors - Pontiac IL

Meister and I took a trip to Pontiac Illinois yesterday to meet up with Andy "Ando" Ferguson, one of the trustees of the Henry Street Horror haunted house.  They are getting ready to open up for the Halloween season, and thanks to our friend Lori Timmerman, we hooked up with Ando and checked the place out!

It was bad ass and filled with lots of great things we can use.  We're doing the "Bodies in My Pocket" video - which is about a Marine sniper who has some serious issues when he gets back from Iraq.  We are also going to do some filming for the "Chopping Block" video here, since Ando has a functioning guillotine with blade!  He's got some dummies they chop the heads off which is perfect for what we need for that video!  So - it's going to be one hell of a busy time capturing it all.  The place is filled with great rooms that we can use - a maze that will be killer with creepy lighting, and much more.

We're still working out the details on when we're doing the video - but I'll be sure to let you all know, so if anyone wants to be in the video or help out - they can make it out!  I'll be writing the script for the video this week and I may let you in on some of that in the next Brutality Report.

In the meantime . . . check out for more information about the haunted house in Pontiac at the 4-H Park.  It's going to be one hell of a scary year!  It's going to open up Friday October 16th at 6pm and will run each Fri/Sat including Halloween night.  It's going to be wicked - so make the trip to Pontiac for this one!  I can't divulge all that they've got going on - but I'm planning on going myself.  It really is intense - people popping out of closets, a room filled with doors that lead to no where, a bloody kitchen, body parts all over the place . . . and a cool Camp Crystal Lake area.  Nice!

Andy "Ando" Ferguson and Brian Miller - Henry Street Horrors trustees

Ando was telling us that the Henry Street Horrors haunted house was created by Mick Huxtable from Pontiac, who started doing it in his yard on Halloween - on Henry Street.  Then it got too big, and they moved it out to the 4-H Park in 2001.  Out at the 4-H Park they have tons of room and it's not in the city limits, so they can have a little more leeway.  But they do have a cop, a fireman, and an EMT on site when they do it, so it's very professional and safe too!

Mick died in the Pontiac flood of January 2008, while he was trying to get his sump pump working in his basement!  So they've continued the tradition and kept the horror show alive!  I was really impressed with their drive and desire to scare people!  It was great.  We look forward to shooting the video there, and to spread the word of what they are doing - so you can all go check this haunted house out for sure!

I told Meister we'd meet "at the bull" in front of Baby Bull's restaurant - now I'm not a horses ass any more!  Ha.

Meister in one of the coolest contraptions . . . Ando has this fridge rigged up so you have to climb through it to get to the next room!


Last year we started taking some of the more "extreme" photos off the Brutality Report so that others could enjoy following Low Twelve and Heavycore without having to see that sort of stuff.  So we starting doing the Brutality Report XXX - for you more hardcore bastards (or bitches) out there.

As you know, we've got lots of hot chicks on the Brutality Report XXX page.  But, that's only for adults, so if that's not your thing, or you're not legal to check that sort of thing out, then don't go there.  You must be 18 or older to see that sort of thing - so you've been warned.

But if you are legal to see that stuff and wish to - then you can see hot chicks like Kristina (pictured right) and many more, doing some nasty things.  So why not check out lots of free picture and movie galleries where you can see sexy teens getting naked and performing acts that only adults can see.

We do a feature each week of one of the hottest young girls on the web - offering several galleries for you to check out.  Some have movies on them too, so you can see much more than still shots.  We also post several more galleries - featuring girls that do nasty things.  We also have an archive of past galleries, so you could wind up with a disability claim from all the jerking you're about to do!  So be careful and don't hurt yourselves . . . we need you in the trenches - being brutal as ever for the underground metal movement.

So that gives you an idea of what's in store . . . lots of hot teen chicks doing nasty things.  Need I say more?  Just one last time - remember you must be 18 or older to see such things . . . so don't go there unless you're legal.

Click on the link below if you want to check out Brutality Report XXX and don't come whining to us if your cock gets sore from all the jerking - or if you're a female and that nub gets worn down.

Enjoy the perversion!  Happy jerkin'!

Brutality Report XXX

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