WARNING:  This report contains nudity


Greetings my brothers and sisters in brutality . . . as I sit here in the safe confines of the Command Center - back from a wicked road trip to Kentucky.  As I am sure you can imagine, it was completely insane.  Of course your truly took tons of killer pics.  You'll see it all . . . and I mean all.  Three way lesbian tongue kiss out in the crowd, mosh pits, people puking at rest stops, the new vagina songs, and so much more.  This was by far the best Kentucky Road Trip.  

Aside from the inanity this past weekend, we've got other huge things going down.  You see, my enemies would think that while I was away from the Command Center . . . things would stop.  NO!  They do not.  They rage the fuck on as we have the D-Day Records staff at our disposal, hammering away in our absence.  Huge Heavycore news . . VENOM has joined forces with us.  Yes, the masters of black metal are on the roster.  Can I get a huge FUCK YEAH on that one?  In tribute, I'm listening to Venom's "Welcome to Hell" as I write this.  Also, the Heavycore Poser Roast 2000 is underway and a big St. Jude's benefit, Core for Cancer, is being planned right now.  Oh - so much more . . . 

Anyone who is interested in a piece I wrote for Rock and a Hard Place called "The Politics of the Local Music Scene", can read it here.  Let me know what you think!

So did you miss us?  Well, we're back and ready to rip new assholes every place we stop.  So don't delay - dig in to the report.  Remember, this does contain male and female  nudity, vomit, alcohol abuse, and other vile things, and shouldn't be viewed by those under 18.  If your skin is good and thick then read on with vigor.  If not - then throw on some homo cd and jerk off.


Yes, you heard right.  A new site just started called "Quad Cities Heaviest Bands" and it ranks the bands with votes.  All the bands put a link on their web page and every time someone clicks on the link, it casts a vote.  So, go on and click right now on the button above our counter (then come back ok?) to vote:  www.lowtwelve.com 

We entered the list on Friday and were number one first thing Saturday morning.  Of course there are other killer Heavycore bands on the list like 20 Lb Sledge, Age of Aggression, and Bruised.  So check it out.  A big thanks to Tone for setting up the site.  I asked him why he did it and he said that he hadn't seen anything like that for the Central IL bands and he wanted to show his support.  Fuck yeah!

A huge thanks also to all our fans in the Quad Cities for the support and voting.  We'll see you all very soon.  For those who live outside Illinois and Iowa - the Quad Cities are 4 cities that kinda act as one big city on the IL/IA line.


Yeah, you read that one right.  The masters of black metal, Venom, have joined Heavycore.  Fuck yeah.  What a huge honor to have them join.  Big thanks to Berry with Blowtorch Magazine for helping me find those dudes.  We also appreciate their webmaster Kostas for hooking it up.  I'll be doing an interview soon with Cronos.  Check out their kick ass site at www.venomslegions.com

Thanks to Core Commander Tad Christensen (20 Lb Sledge) from the Quad Cities, we are having the first ever Heavycore Poser Roast.  It's going to be the shit.  The exact date is not locked in just yet - but you'll be the first to know about it.  The following bands have confirmed they will be playing:  Low Twelve, Blessed with Pain, Next of Kin, Ditchwater, 20 Lb Sledge, Bruised, Generation Hate, and Age of Aggression.  We are waiting on one more band to confirm and it will be set in stone.  The show will be proceeded by a members-only meeting to discuss 'core stuff.  This will be an all ages blow-out guaranteed to send posers cowering in fear.  Coming this fall to fuck up your world.

Heavy as Fuck Volume II is nearly up and available . . . we're finalizing the cover art.  We've got a professional artist that has volunteered his services.  Check out the Heavycore mp3 site to hear sounds, listen to the Heavycore Radio, or to order Heavy as Fuck Volume I (with Low Twelve) 


Do you know what happens when you mix Low Twelve, Blessed with Pain, road trip, hotel room, puke, lesbians, tits, and mosh pits together?  You get the most killer fucking trip we've had yet.  FUCK YEAH . . . what a killer time we had with our D-Day label mates Blessed with Pain this past weekend as we headed down to Lexington Kentucky for our 3rd trip to Rock Haven.  Here's Shane from BWP after I dogged on him for forgetting his wallet at home.  But, that was just the beginning!  It gets much, much better than this my friends . . . 
It's also important to note that the first 6-pack of 16 oz beers was started by Juan of BWP at 10:45 am on Saturday morning.  Low Twelve cleaned the first hitter at 12:15 pm - already clogged badly.

BWP got some 2 way radios for the trip, which made communication between the vans much better.  Here I am talking to Juan as "One Adam Pete" . . . you can imagine how immature we were with the radios.  But, I'll get to that later.  Oh it gets really stupid!

We took a brief lunch stop just south of Indianapolis and we got into a discussion on the time difference.  Important to note, that the significance of the time dates back to the Great Kentucky Road Trip Part I when we forgot that KY was in the Eastern Time Zone, and since we were running late from the trailer bouncing from lane to lane - it was a huge ordeal.  Ha.  But, anyway - Shane commented that he believed the Eastern Time Zone didn't turn their clocks back and forward . . . and ironically the clocks at the restaurant were on Central time.  I think it's some kind of Indianapolis thing - because growing up on the east coast - I knew we turned clocks ahead and back.  Anyway, Shane was close and we give him credit for knowing that.

As we continued down the road, we screamed "vagina" into the radios over and over, and Tim came up with a new song:  "this little vagina of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, this little vagina of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let is shine".  Of course it's a parody to the real tune - with the insertion of the word vagina.  That's Tim's word actually.  Later, on the trip back, I came up with "hey vagina you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, vagina, vagina."  We did the hand claps and everything - just like the real tune.  Ha.  Here's a couple of pictures of Tim and Wes in route to Kentucky:

Tim doing what he does so very well . . . and the Kid feeding his mind

Possibly inspired by the Kid reading, we got into some interesting trivia questions going back and forth between the vans.  Juan asked me what was the fast food manager's name in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Can you guess?  It was Dennis - and I got it.  Fuck yeah.  I've seen that movie at least 50 times.  But, then we stepped it up a notch when I asked them what was the famous formula A2 + B2 = C2 called?  Craig from BWP impressed me as he answered correctly the Pythagorean Theorem.  WOW.  Very impressive!  Juan also asked me if I had seen the movie, "The Cannibal Women of the Avocado Jungle of Death".  But I had not.

As we passed into Kentucky as went over the river, our own Wes was correct in saying it was the Ohio River.  We were all debating it - but after I confirmed it with the atlas - the Kid was right!  In Kentucky, we started to get brutal with the radios, once we heard truckers on cbs coming across.  I started to ask if anyone knew Earl, the gay truck driver - and they all freaked out.  We definitely pissed off a bunch of those guys.


Off Highway 64 heading east towards Lexington, we came upon this woman puking by her car.  Of course compelled to share it with you, my brutal congregation, I grabbed the camera and ran over, snapping off this shot in mid flight. 

As I got closer she yelled at me "what the fuck are you doing?"  I replied "taking pictures".  In disgust, they drove off.  I got closer, so you could all enjoy it with me.

Man, isn't that fuckin' nasty?  I knew you'd enjoy it.  She really puked her guts out.  This vomit is less than 1 minute old as I was fast to the scene. 

Here's me and Juan proudly kneeling next to it.  Thanks to Jamie from BWP for being able to snap the pic, as the rest of the guys were gagging in the background.  Ha.

We only had a 30 minute ride left to the hotel . . .

We arrived in Lexington around 6pm (eastern time Shane) and checked in to the hotel.  Ironically we got room 112.  Or was this a good omen?  Also, speaking of good omens - when we rolled the brutal cube before we left it landed on Les.  It ALWAYS lands on Les when we road trip.  Seriously.  The next day . . . when we rolled for the trip back, it teetered on Tim, then landed on Les.  Shawn from BWP took a nasty shit in his room and broke the toilet.  I'm not kidding - they had to move to another room - where that shitter also was fucked up.  We laughed our asses off and Juan and Shawn moved their stuff from room to room. 

After the "toilet clogging drama" we ate quickly and made our way to Rock Haven.  Rock Haven is located in downtown Lexington and it totally kicks ass.  The owner, Stephen Zimmer, is opening a bar across the street next weekend.  So - he'll have the all ages Rock Haven and the 21 and older bar too.  Kick ass man!  We were greeted by the great house sound man, Scott Sherman - who always does a fantastic job.  It was good to see everyone from our March show when we recorded.

Blessed with Pain slammed the stage with the force of a freight train and sounded stronger than I've ever heard them before.  Killer set that opened up with Shackled Soul, and tore through favorites like "Satan's Playground" and their anthem "Blessed with Pain."  Juan's kick drums were like machine gun fire - fuck yeah bro. 

We got up next and unveiled the new Low Twelve

backdrop that we had made up.  Unfortunately, the pictures of us didn't turn out very well and you can't see the banner.  But, it's huge . . . black vinyl hinged sign with our logo in red.  Wait until you see it!  Thanks to Tom at Signs by PAL in Bloomington IL for hooking it up right.
The metal heads were ready for a beating supreme as we slammed into "Twelve".  The pit was killer and we appreciate the warm response.  I ran into several people that said they has seen us at the other two shows we did, and were really into it. 

We played a brutal set that was tight and had great energy.  Check out this full size picture:

I opened up the night with "we didn't come all the way from Illinois to see you sit on your dead asses" and they went insane from start to finish.  Tampons were flying and we did another tampon relay to reach those in the back - pussing out in chairs.  A huge thanks to Jon Speck from Washburn IL for jumping in the van with us and making the trip for the show.  That's dedication!
Check out some lesbian action going on near the sound board as I reached for the camera and snapped a picture or two.  This one is for Dr. Fitch and his Army of Lesbians - for his efforts running our message board. 

But, how about this full size picture below - showing a three way lesbian tongue kiss?  Oh - it was hot as a bunch of dudes snapped pics as they fondled, groped, and rubbed each other the whole time.  It was wild!

Here you go Fitch - and a tit shot at the hotel:



The last band up was Filth Porn, a local band from Lexington that were like a gothic death metal band.  They had to lay plastic on the stage and monitors so the blood wouldn't get on them.  It was nuts.  They started ripping up baby dolls and shit like that.  It was insane. 

Back at the hotel, the drinking was in full force as Blessed with Pain came over to our room and we partied into the small hours in the parking lot in front of the room.  How no one called the cops on us is still in question.  Craig from BWP made up a batch of Sacred Drink, which was Coke and Jim Beam - as they drank it out of an ice bucket. 

Craig from BWP went up to these stippers at a nearby gas station and we took his picture (see below).  The rest of the night was a riot as we all laughed our asses off.  Craig and Wes went into an empty hotel room and started body slamming each other on the beds, against the walls, and into the furniture.  Luckily nothing, or no one, got broken.  Check out some of these after hours pics:

Juan trying to pull up his pants and Craig chillin' with two strippers

Shane laughing til nearly puking and Wes hammered beyond all recognition

Drinking the Sacred Drink


The next morning, Juan knocked on our door with a beer in his hand.  When I asked him how he could possibly drink anything after the party the night before - he said "I needed something to brush my teeth with".  Those dudes can fuckin' drink.  WOW.  They can all shit too - serious shitting. 

The ride home was pretty normal - as we made good time.  We had a killer time once again and we enjoyed having Blessed with Pain along for the trip.  Stephen at Rock Haven has asked us to come back in a regular rotation, bringing other 'core bands along with us.  We also will be doing a cd release in KY at Rock Haven for Flesh of the Weak.  Stay tuned!


There will be a minor delay of a few weeks on the release of Flesh of the Weak.  A chip went down in the ADAT machine and it will take a couple weeks to get the part and another to put it in.  It's not D-Day's fault - shit happens.  And like I always say - it's a brutal world.  We'll let you know the release date - which will be in mid to late September.  Don't worry - this cd is going to slam you so hard, it wil be well worth the wait.


You may have read in the Hump Day Report last week that the Chaos in the Corn show in Normal IL for August 26th was canceled.  Well, we might have a chance to do it.  Details are being worked out, as a new location was needed.  Big thanks to Pitts from Seventh Plague for trying to hook it up.   We hope that it still goes as planned.  We'll let you fuckers know.


Saturday August 19th -  Gaslight II in Peoria IL with White Knuckle Trip and Triggerman Zero, 9pm start

Saturday August 26th - CHAOS IN THE CORN - OUTDOOR SHOW with Blessed with Pain, Seventh Plague, Sinkhole, and PROP, location in question - stay tuned

Sunday September 3rd - METAL MOSH FEST - MELISSA BERNING BENEFIT another killer outdoor show with Blessed with Pain, Deprive, Generation Hate, and many more tba, all ages - noon start, at TK Wendls in Urbana IL

Saturday September 23rd -  Gaslight II in Peoria IL with Axe Murder Process and Production Grey, 9pm start FLESH OF THE WEAK CD RELEASE PARTY

Thanks for checking out this week's report.  I hope you found it stimulating to your brutal senses.  If you don't get this emailed to you . . . email us at contact@lowtwelve.com and say "brutalize me".  We'll know what to do.  If you don't like reading this - then fuck off and don't read anymore.  Why torment yourself?  I know . . . you just can't fucking resist can you?


heavy fucking core